Our company joined the Q-Service Truck

Our company joined the Q-Service Truck

Q-Service Truck is the first nationwide network of workshops dealing with the inspection and repair of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and buses. This organization established in 1999 the company Inter Cars. Its affiliates work under a common network log, but retain their identity and independence. The aim of the network is to create permanent and close collaborative workshops, based on exchange of experience and technical information.

Our company has joined the Q-Service Truck network at 2014 year. Participation in this is a confirmation of our service providing the highest level of service using high quality spare parts. We successfully train our employees, we are open to development and new technologies. Thanks to our experience in repairing many brands of vehicles, we are able to meet most of the orders we receive.

Due to the fact that the Q-Service Truck network includes many services both in Poland and abroad, in the event of a failure our Customers can count on the fastest possible assistance and repair under a joint guarantee.